First Week in the Books

The first week of the NCAA Tournament is in the books and and there was definitely madness this March with upsets and buzzer beaters.  Of the 51 entries in this year’s contest, 23 people have already had their champion eliminated.  Michigan State was the biggest early exit as Sparty got an early spring break trip with a first round loss.

IMG_7636Speaking of Michigan State, only three entries (James Mummert, Michael MacEachern, and Noelle Neville) were still perfect through the first seven games before the Spartans’ lose ended that run.  James Mummert, Michael MacEachern, Mark Womack, Patrick Neville, and Cindy Warner finished the first day all tied for first place by getting 14 of the first 16 picks correct.  James snags the first Bloomin’ Onion certificate courtesy of our friends from Outback as I drew his name out to break the tie for the best day, while Noelle and Patrick will share one.

The second day saw Wade Foley pick 12 of the 16 winners correctly while Mark Womack and Cindy Warner each picked 11 right as that trio were each tied for first place with 25 of the first 32 picks correct.  Wade snagged the Bloomin’ Onion certificate for the best day, while Mark also gets one as I drew his name between he and Cindy since they both were in first for the second straight day.

The third day saw Andy Francis get seven of the eight games right as he moved into a first-place tie with Cindy Warner, who got six of the eight games right.  Andy claims the Bloomin’ Onion for the best day, while Cindy also gets one for her third straight day occupying first place.

Michael MacEachern took over the top spot in the contest on the fourth day as he correctly picked six of the eight winners to stand at 480 points through the first four days of games.  He picks up the Bloomin’ Onion certificate as he ended up going 12 for 16 in the second round.  Andy Francis is a close second with 470 points after also going 12 for 16, while Hannah Miller stands in third place with 460 points.  Brad Graley won the drawing for the day as he also went 12 for 16 along with Trevor Gaffney.

The Sweet Sixteen is now under way tonight and it will be interesting to see what happens next.  Stay tuned!


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