Extra! Extra! Newsies Delivers at Ohio Theatre!

newsiesI had the opportunity last night to attend the opening night performance of Disney’s Newsies as the touring Broadway show came to Columbus for a one-week run at the Ohio Theatre.  I was familiar with the storyline since I had seen the Disney film of the same name when it came out, and I was really looking forward to watching the story come to life in front of me on stage.

The show definitely did not disappoint as what seemed to be a packed house was treated to the many fast-paced numbers and constant movement by the talented cast telling the story of newspaper carriers who were sticking up for their right to be treated fairly.  The lines were very well written as the audience laughed and cheered throughout the performance and the singing and dancing was exceptional.  Dan DeLuca (Jack) and Stephanie Styles (Katherine) had great chemistry and played the lead roles brilliantly, and the rest of the cast was outstanding as well.

If you are looking for a fun evening out, you will definitely want to visit the CAPA Columbus website and get your tickets now.  This is the start of a run of five great shows that will be coming to town in the next six months, so plan ahead to see them as well.

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