And the Winner is……

Well, the dust has settled and a lot of brackets were busted as my fifth annual Outback Steakhouse bracket contest came to an end on Monday.  And with No. 7 seed UCONN downing No. 8 seed Kentucky in the championship game, no one among the 78 entries in my contest had picked the national champion correctly.  In fact, only one person had correctly picked one of the two teams to even make it to the finals and that pick gave them this year’s bracket contest title and along with it the tasty rewards of the $20 certificate to Outback Steakhouse.

George Hartz, 2014 Champion

Congratulations to George Hartz who jumped up past the leaders by correctly picking Kentucky to play in the championship game and thus winning this year’s contest by a whopping 20 points!  Ironically, George was also the last person to enter this year’s contest as he got his entry in with a few minutes to spare.  George finished with 870 points to just edge past Greg Rhoads (850), Josh Estep (840), and Cindy Warner (800) to claim the title.

Thanks so much to all 78 people who entered this year’s contest.  It was a crazy ride with lots of upsets.  I had my worst showing ever by finishing in 54th place.  And this thing definitely had its ups and downs.  The person who finished last (IndyShepps, whoever you are LOL) actually got 25 of the first 32 picks right and then only got two picks right in the next round and that was it!  And if you look up their bracket, they made some pretty realistic picks that just did not pan out.  You never know what can happen!

Please join me in thanking Outback for once again providing the tasty prizes.  I mailed out 20 Bloomin’ Onion cards yesterday to the winners of rounds and others who were randomly selected.  Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter and send them a word of thanks while by all means stopping by one of their locations for a great meal.  Look forward to doing this all over again next March!



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