Down to the Final Four

ImageWell, the second week of March Madness has now come and gone and all that is left of the brackets is the Final Four.  Thanks to upsets and not-so-good picks on my part, I’m currently in 54th place out of 78 people in my fifth annual Outback Steakhouse bracket contest.  But, this contest isn’t about me…it’s about connecting my friends in a fun way.  So here are the winners from this past week’s action.

Another Bloomin’ Onion card was on the line for the Sweet Sixteen and Rodney Yoder and Dusty Stearns both led the way by correctly picking six of the eight winners.  I broke the tie and gave the card to Rodney based on the fact that this was his best round yet as far as points were scored and this contest is all about scoring points in the later rounds.

The second Bloomin’ Onion card this week goes to the winner of the Elite Eight round.  There were 11 people out of the 78 in the contest who correctly picked two of the Final Four teams.  My way of breaking that big tie was by going with Greg Rhoads, the current leader of the contest, who was one of those 11.  However, Greg’s bracket is done at this point as he does not have any correct picks remaining since he went with a championship game between Michigan State and Louisville.

So, with three games remaining to crown a national champion, my contest has come down to three people.  Josh Estep is the front runner to win as he is currently in second place behind Greg just 10 points out of the lead with Florida picked to win it all.  If that happens, he’ll beat out the other 22 people who also picked Florida to claim the title and he’ll take home the Outback Steakhouse gift card grand prize.

If Wisconsin were to win the national title over either Florida or UCONN, then Matt Hannaford would make the huge jump from his current spot in 64th place to claim the crown as he is the only person in my contest to have picked Wisconsin to win it all.  Talk about a comeback if that happens!

And the third and final person who still has a shot at the Outback Steakhouse grand prize is Cindy Warner, who is currently in third place behind Greg and Josh.  Cindy had picked Michigan State to win the title, but if Wisconsin plays UCONN in the championship game and UCONN wins then she will beat out everyone else since she had picked Wisconsin to play Michigan State for the title.

A huge thanks again to everyone who has played along this year and especially for Outback Steakhouse being such a generous sponsor!

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